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To enter this website you declare you are over 18 years old and agree with the Terms Of Service. Please accept the Privacy Policy below:. I accept the Privacy Policy. I Disagree - Exit this site. Tel Aviv, Israel Activities. The hotel offers a wellness centre with indoor swimming pool, and rooms with views of the sea, the marina or of Jaffa..

Rooms have a private balcony, overlooking the sea or the city. The architecture of your evening out in Tel Aviv may progress from sundowner drinks to dinner to drinks at a smaller bar to drinks at another bar to dancing at a club or two before getting back to your hotel in time to turn off the alarm clock and pull the drapes against the rising sun. Fit men walk on the beach with tight bathing suites and well kept figures checking each other out or just laying on the beach chatting and sunbathing, discussing plans for the weekend on Fridays.

Tel Aviv likes to party late. Evenings begin at Popular watering holes such as Evita and Apolo Men Only and continue late into the night. Clubs get busy by 2am! Bars have come and gone with rapid succession, but there are 3 big names that have remained local favouites and continue to stand the test of time. The city is famous for its Line Parties, large club nights and parties that hop from venue to venue and change theme depending on the season, DJ or festival.

Gay people are an integral part of the city. Gay men and women serve openly in the military, and same-sex marriage, while not yet legalized in Israel, is on the political horizon. Under current law, same-sex couples are considered married without a religiously recognized ceremony, marriages performed in other countries are fully recognized, and adoption is legal for LGBT parents.

Tel Aviv likes to party late, which means that happy hour — observed at most watering holes between 5 and 8 p. As the sun sets, the back room of this funky, street-art adorned caf e morphs into a music hall, with D. The gay beach, Hilton Beach, is the one outside the Hilton Hotel, and ironically, it is adjacent to the orthodox beach where men and women can only sunbathe on separate days.

The need to get out to socialize makes the well-known and not-particularly-lascivious cruising park, Independence Garden next to the Hilton Hotel , a place where, yes, people meet to trick in the bushes, but also meet to sit and chat on the benches for hours.

T here is no real gay neighborhood in Tel Aviv, but for the whole country, this city is the hub of gay life. Popular daytime cafes include Judah , Cafe Bistro, a 4-minute walk from Hilton Beach and Benedict, a hour cafe serving delicious all day breakfasts!

The Gay Center Tel Aviv serves as a cultural center, event space, meeting hall, host to support agencies, and café. It seems that there is nothing that Israelis love more than dancing and having a wild time, as you will discover when you go clubbing. There are parties every night of the week, while on weekends, there are dozens, beginning with the mega clubs, hosting thousands, and ending with more intimate dance bars.

So when should you go out? It depends on what you are looking for. The Tel Aviv night life begins late. The music played at the clubs varies from House and Techno music at the large discothèques, through dance, and there are even more esoteric places playing hip hop or reggae music. Variety is the name of the game. Several clubs and restaurants are located in the Yad Harutzim Street area, an industrial zone during the day, which comes to life at night and is one of the hottest spots in town.

Most nightclubs are mixed and promoters are always changing venues, but there are regular nightly gay bars, clubs and beach parties too. Evita is a classic and one of the oldest gay bars in the city. Apolo Club is another gay favorite and cruisey-type place located off of Allenby Street. For outdoor fun, by night stroll in the cat-teeming Haatzmaut Garden, just north of the Hilton. Another night-life center is the Tel Aviv Port, located at the north end of the city.

The once-neglected port has been completely renovated, and is now a beautiful attraction, with its bars cafes, and restaurants, located along the wooden peer.

Last but not least, is the area of Nachalat Binyamin and Lilienblum streets. There are dozens of fashionable bars and restaurants; some of them attracting a specifically gay clientele. At night these streets are packed with people out for a drink and a good time. The atmosphere is great. In spite of the greater political turmoil in the Middle East, Tel Aviv is a very open city that welcomes people of all walks of life.

Tel Aviv offers a unique experience in understanding how minority groups can live together. Tel Aviv is like most European cities—modern and culturally inclined—only the men have better tans and bigger pecs thanks to the desert sun and required army service. Remember, everybody loves a Jewish boy…. The classic Israeli breakfast — two eggs any style, breads, salad and dips — holds semireligious importance in Tel Aviv, where every cafe offers a nearly identical spin.

Opt instead to start your Saturday with a spread of morning appetizers, including roasted eggplant, smoked fish and fresh ceviche 20 to 24 shekels at the seafront institution Manta Ray.

It might be hard to focus on your menu, though — the breathtaking view from the restaurant , perched feet from the waves at the sandy corner where Tel Aviv and Jaffa meet, offers quite a distraction. The Tel Aviv coast is a string of separate beaches. Pedal past both to Metzitzim Beach, where a man-made lagoon keeps the waves calm , and a cafe will deliver snacks to your towel.

Tel Aviv began its history in Jaffa Yafo — the ancient 3,year-old adjoining city that lies to its southwest.

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